Clean light keeps flashing, dishwasher will not start. Kenmore dishwasher model 665

Flashing "clean" light in a Kenmore dishwasher actually means heater failure. It may be a temporary condition happening when you start the dishwasher without letting the hot water run for a minute (or two) in the sink nearby so the hot water coming through the pipe is actually hot. The machine should be able to bring it up to preset temperature by itself but if it starts out too cold, it may not be able to do it fast enough. It's either that or the heater is indeed broken - if it happens often, will have to check the heater.
As far as resetting, first check the kick plate at the bottom of the machine. If you flip that over, a thoughtful installer might have taped a manual to its backside or it may have a diagram on it.
The procedure should go something like this (from memory - button labels and number of presses may be slightly different)
Heated dry, normal wash Heated dry, normal wash All lights will come on. If they didn't, repeat the above slightly faster. Also, perhaps it needs 3 or 4 times instead of 2 in your model - if didn't work try that, takes a second.
Hit Cancel
do that again if flash didn't stop
Good luck!
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