Turned Central AC on with cover on compressor!! Help!

OOps! My Wife turned on the Central AC for the first time this season.
Unfortunately, the winter cover was still on the outside compressor.
When I noticed that the AC was on, (about 5 minutes or so), I ran
outside to see if the cover was still on. It was, and the fan was not
running - the unit seemed pretty hot.
I was hoping there was some sort of thermal protection on the unit
(Lennox HS26-060-2P)
but it has not started up since.
Does anyone know if there is a separte circuit breaker inside the
unit? I checked all the circuit breakers in my main House panel.
Thanks for any help.
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Suggest look for the high pressure switch.
probly red and it has a little nipple at the end opposite the copper refrigerant connection ...and mounted on the smaller of the two copper line neartest the compressor, recalling both wires are blue bur maybe wrong here.
Antways just press the nipple to reset.
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Jeffrey Lebowski
Aww dont know what you wanna callit then
Its there onna your lennox's though, one a the first thing there inna 24vac line w/ y or its on R if its a fuggin heat pump.
Big blue wires, like how in the hell could anyone miss the god damned thang ?
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Jeffrey Lebowski
Found the blue wires leading to the "nipple". Did the job. (Nipple was nipple colored too!)
Thanks Jeffrey! Answers surrounded by comedy - gotta love it! LJ
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Wires, volts, nipples, fuggin heat pump... that's kinky man... :)
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