Trane XL 80 not turning on

The unit (model: TXC037C4HPC0, serial: R435RF05G, mfg: 10/2000) was working well
(over the last few years it was used primarily for the air conditioning
function) until we got 16 inches of water in the basement from a major
rainstorm. The water came up to about midway on both the large circuit board and
blower motor. The motor shaft and fan both spin freely. The back of the unit?s
lower door mentions a 5 amp fuse but I didn?t see where it is located. When we
put power to the unit the thermostat on the wall comes on but there is no sign
of life otherwise. Could it be just a fuse or is it likely the other
components are dead too? The unit was not on when the water hit and there is no
visible signs of sparks from a short.
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