Winter Spa for the Birds!

A Guaranteed Way to Increase Your Backyard Bird Activity
What's a sure way to attract birds to your feeders? Offer water, especially in winter! About 70% of a bird's non-fat body tissue is water that needs to be maintained to avoid dehydration. Birds find some water in natural food sources like insects, berries, and even snow - but when those supplies dwindle, the water you supply is even more vital!
Open water in freezing weather will attract as many or more birds as a well-stocked feeder! Birds use it to help keep themselves warmer in winter! By providing them with a heated bird bath they are able to clean and groom their feathers, allowing them to apply natural oils from special glands which help our feathered friends insulate their bodies from cold.
You can keep water thawed with a submersible heater placed directly in the water, or by using an internally heated bird bath . It's economical and safe as long as you use a high-quality, outdoor extension cord to plug the heater into an electrical source. Remember ceramic and concrete bird baths, while fine for summer use, will actually crack easily in frigid weather.
As firm believers in providing water year round, we stock birdbath heaters and heated bird baths and they are priced right! The quality of the heater is usually reflected in the cost. Less expensive heaters work in moderate weather in smaller baths, but as you go up the line you can purchase heaters with thermostats, auto shut-offs, and longer guarantees. The more expensive heater usually has more wattage and works at lower temperatures to keep the water thawed.
John Patrick,
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