Two unrelated questions: Pines in pots and Spreading Yew Problem

Zone 5/6.
1. I have 3 English Spreading Yews as foundation shrubs. One is has done extremely well and the two others have not. A month ago I fertilized them with a 10-10-10 and added lime. One has started to grow well. The other did not. This one was planted in a depression and I wondered if drainage was the issue. I decided to dig it out and try to remedy its location. I noticed tiny white (hair-like) shoots coming from the thick roots and I wondered if this shrub was just starting to get established and I acted to soon? Nevertheless I filled its old hole with a mix of soil and sand and replanted it again. I am soaking it every day especially with the hot weather. Is there anything else I should be doing to give it a better chance?
2. While clearing some brush a few days back I came across some 12 inch high white pines. Rather than cut them down I dug them out and put them in individual pots with as much of the existing soil and humus as possible. I fertilized with an evergreen tailored fertilizer and I am flooding them once a day. At some point I will plant these around the property, but I was wondering is there anything else I could do to make sure they succeed?
Thanks in advance in for any advice.
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