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I have been researching on the net all winter about the vegetables I want to grow this spring. I have been ask why I'm not going to grow certain vegetables and that's easy to answer. I don't like them...LOL I did find out if I soak my seeds in warm water for a few hours, it does help them germinate faster. Last year I used the green steel fence posts as stakes for my tomatoes and they seem to work quite well. I kept the suckers pinched back and only left one main stem per plant. When they reached the top of the stake, I pinched off the growing tip. This year I plan to try something a bit different. I'm going to run parachute cord from one stake to the next close to the top of the stakes. I use 4' stakes. I will let the growing tip on this year and hope that the main stem will just bend over the parachute cord and grow back down the other side. I figure this might give me much more growth per plant than just growing them to the top of the 4 foot stake. I do like to experiment so we shall see what happens. I was thinking about using the Florida weave method to support my plants but I'm just not sure it would work well with large indeterminate plants. Right now I just wish the rest of my beds were dug. My sod is about 6" thick and God that's a hard job getting it off:( I wish I knew a easy way to get the dirt off the sod so I could put it back into my beds. Any ideas? As for ground cherries, it's kind of hard for me to explain what they are. This will be my first year growing them. Some people call them husk tomatoes. You can check out ground cherries on Google and find out all about them. The ones I'm going to try are called Aunt Molly's ground cherries.
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