suggestion on how to keep the nasty insects away

i was at a friend's house & yard party, in my BLACK bugshirt, as usual, since it was 'high' summer and i overheard a guy say something that got my heart a-beatin' and ears a-buzzin' wit:
if you go to a hunters' store (the kind where they sell licenses to kill poor animals {yup, now you know where MY feelings lie!}, guns, of course, and other FUN things to do or eat whilst you're awaiting your victims to come close enough to kill), it is possible to buy soap, mouthwash, shampoo, body deodorant, etc., which have NO SCENT so your prey cannot smell or sense you upwind, downwind, or...i don't know==sideways?
at any rate, i got this idea of trying it on myself to see if it would disguise my "sweet breath" so blackfly, deerfly, wasps/hornets, yellowjackets, etc., would pass me by because they could not catch my scent.
the answer is: YES and NO! those above mentioned insects WILL pass you over UNLESS you start sweating--and, if you're gardening or sitting in front of...oh, let's say your garden beds with the intent of weeding them AND you are wearing one of those BLACK "bug shirts"---you WILL begin to sweat---of this, there is NO DOUBT!!!!
but, gee, try it for yourself---mebbe it'll work better for you than for me. you know what they say, "try EVERYTHING at least once; and, if it's fun or feels good, keep on, keeping on, trying it!!!!!"
good luck, fellow gardeners!!!
sincerely, gypsy in blackfly new hamster NH Z 4a
With Malus toward none, and Cherry-Trees toward all.
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