Questions on English IVY (Hedera helix)

I have a robust and aggressive English IVY (Hedera helix) trying to occupy the west side of the house. It filled up all along the basement wall (we have a walk-in type basement). I want to get rid of it or contain it on the west side- but move it and propagate it to the yard on the south side. This is to mainly cut down mowing of the far ends of the pie-shaped lot of our house which is located on a cul-de-sac.
I need suggestions and advice on: 1) How to propagate the English IVY in a simple way without "cuttings in Vermiculite' style.Can I simply put 'cuttings in potting soil'? Can one put the 'cuttings in the actual ground'? 2) Does this vine grow in 'horrible' clay soil of the south end of the lot. Must I amend the soil and all that? 3) I have heard horror stories of 'invasive' quality of this vine- ( ) and I do witness in it present location, albeit in a limited way. Are there any other suggestions to "FILL IN" and "GREEN-up" the south end of the lot with bad soil without spending a fortune? Does sage grow in clay soil? Does mint grow in clay soil?
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