OT: when it rains it pours

here's the last depressive post from me. After this, I am going to post only garden related stuff. Don't think I am backing out of the group. I love ya'll too much to do that. It's about to get thin around here because Squire just found out they're closing the trucking school in two weeks. Lovely. Add to that that I now have both of my grown son's living here. The oldest hasn't found a job yet to replace the job he was laid off at. Youngest has problems on a scale of massive. I haven't had these kind of problems since I was in my early 20's. (I need to write that book)
Since my hours are cut, I am also facing worse things because there is a Home Depot coming in down the street and I only hope Lowe's doesn't lay ME off. (I'll go to another department if I have to for now as working another part time job will be impossible with my schedule)
In the background of all this, the month's bills still due total over a grand. Mandatory stuff like carnote, insurance for car which is mandatory, phone bill to keep connection to outside world (haven't lost land line phone service in 18 years.........sigh) behind all THAT, the next housenote came in yesterday, that's only another $640....<g> and behind that is the IRS lurking wanting restitution for their screw up concerning our OIC (offer in compromise). and behind them is of course the impending medical bills brought on by me.
Behind THAT is a truck that needs brake pads and rotors as of Tuesday (totally unexpected, they started grinding outa the blue) my car's engine light has stayed on now and is trying to warn me a tune up is imperative (more money, which I can't pull outa my butt) and my own brakes are starting to wear. The old '86 van is only capable of local, the mandatory car insurance on the truck is due not to mention now the trucknote is due ................but at least we don't have locusts!!! And we're still having Thanksgiving even if it's just the four of us as I haven't heard from the rest of the crowd who are ?coming? At least the electric bill got paid and we can cook! <g>
through all this we will perserveir (sp?) Just when you think things are bad......................but please, if you don't see me, don't assume the worst. not yet. I just hope the pressure doesn't get to Squire. HE'S the one who is hugely overweight, has apnea, smokes now since he was 14 (almost 52) and we don't know what his health is at the moment. It makes me wonder if we should have considered the job in Alburquerque after all, but things happen for a reason. There are reasons why all of a sudden BOTH our grown son's are back home. Maybe it's time we all pulled together. Lets hope so.
My love comes out to all of you. I am not looking for pity. This is just how life is. Sometimes you get the bear and other times the bear gets you. We'll get thru this one like we did the other stuff.
((((huge group hug))))))
madgardener up on the ridge, back in fairy holler, overlooking a georgous English Mountain in Eastern Tennessee, zone 7, Sunset zone 36
Keep me in your prayers, there are those worse off that me, so I consider myself blessed. For now I still have
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