OT: Florida Traveler Advisory - Bushnell, FL

Be forewarned that a trip down Florida's stretch of I-75 could cost you plenty - upwards of $300 plus 3 points on your license. In violation of Federal MUTCD regulations, a filthy, corrupt little redneck county in Florida know as Sumter County has decided to target travelers on I-75 to fill their empty coffers by engineering an illegal traffic trap in front of Wendys/Wal-Mart on CR-48 in Sumter County, Florida. The city of Bushnell and their cracker-ass team of wreckless, dangerous, barely of age and untrained police, in spite of warnings from the Florida State Attorney General stating that they are prohibited from patrolling outside the city limits, have gamed this cash cow to bleed money from tourists and the unwary in order to pay for the County Development they lust after. After all, what's a gaggle of cracker thieves who are incapable of actually doing anything useful or attracting industry of any kind to their county to do but steal the funds they desire from unwary travelers to their state and it's imploding economy. Problem is, Sumter County sees all the tourist money going to the southern and coastal portions of the state and they want their share - deserved or not. And since tourists are unlikely to fight in court from 800 miles away, they make the perfect target for kangaroo traffic courts such as the one run by Thomas D. Skidmore who, among many other "judges" nationwide, apparently cannot read or properly interpret plain English State or Federal Laws as written or intended.
In a poor rural county with less than 70,000 residents and no industry to speak of, we have Jeb-aligned goon squads of corrupt lawyers, police, judges and kangaroo courts who have decided they needed a huge, new, gleaming Courthouse and bigger salaries to go along with their federal prison. And they plan to pay for it by gaming the traffic laws of this nation under the color of law. This county's government and its seat, the city of Bushnell, is neck-deep in what is tantamount to extortion and racketeering.
In a wretchedly uneducated, poverty stricken area known to most only as the location of the U.S.'s largest Federal Prison, the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Sumter County currently holds the laurels as being the number one prison in the country in female inmate rapes, alongside numerous federally prosecuted cases of corruption, FBI stings, drug dealing, officer bribery and corruption. Reportedly one of the many "new" privatized prisons being foisted on the American public, inmates at this facility busy themselves by brewing hooch, dealing and consuming drugs, rape, murder, bribery, and murder for hire - with copious amounts of help from the prison guards. All of this in the short 10 years this prison has been in full operation.
My advise is to stay FAR away from Sumter county, CR-48, and considering the current economic meltdown which is occurring there, Florida generally. Sumter county is located 50 miles north of Orlando. The city of Bushnell, who patrols the engineered trap they have devised in conjunction with the local FDOT offices, is one block east of I-75, yet outside of the city's jurisdiction, but the local revenue collectors, err... courts still enforce the $300 tickets issued in spite of warnings from the state attorney general that what they are doing is illegal. And anyone brash enough to contest the charges is saddled with additional fines, court costs, mandated traffic schools, and points on their licenses - out of state or otherwise. In the end, considering insurance rate hikes, and their insistance in documenting this a "ran a red light" infraction, it could even cost you your job.
Federal Class Action Law Suit Forthcoming.
If you have been the recipient of a ticket for violation of Florida Statute 314.074 at the location of illegally placed No U-Turn signs located on CR-48 one block east of I-75 in front of Wal-Mart, please join our class action lawsuit against these inbred cretins and bring justice to a nationwide horde of victims. And in this lousy economy, getting your $300 back won't hurt anyone but these corrupt criminals. Let these highway bandits get a real job if they want more money.
Contact: snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
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