New to gardening need advice

Hi all re landscaping garden. I'm doing a raised bed round the outskirts
raising about a foot. The garden had a lot of gravel when moved in so
I've removed all this but has left me needing a lot of top soil to
refill. I'm also wanting to put weed hard down covered by woodchip. My
question is can I put the gravel and soil mix back in that I took out
then put top soil in cover with weed guard and lay chip on top. Reason I
ask is the mrs wants to put a few flowers in. So I said you can cut a
sufficient hole in the weed guard and pot like that. Am I right or will
they just die due to gravel base and not getting any nutrients or will
top soil be enough for them to grow or am I just being thick. Haha. Hope
I haven't bored anyone with my essay.
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Since you already went through the trouble of removing all the gravel throw/give it away or put it to some other use (like mixing into concrete) but if you bury if in your garden you will curse every stone as they resurface. Gravel has no place in gardens, none whatsoever.
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