nasty invasive plants

> This is a bizarre story out of The UK about a poor young fellow who had a run-in with a toxic plant while doing some gardening. GEEZ! o_O
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>Looks nasty. Poison is a defense mechanism used by many plants.
It's not just over-seas -
It has become quite invasive - everyone should be aware
and take care !
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Also - it's little cousin wild parsnip - a rapidly spreading
invasive ..
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John T.
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I don't know how evasive it is but these things can become a problem outside their native habitat. Wasn't the US customs going to fine a woman for bringing in a apple given to her on her travels back to the US that she got on a French airline?
I thought it was comical about 30 years ago on a bus going from the airport into Toronto to see a couple of secretaries returning from a vacation in Cuba with a cute insect they had. Might have become a scourge in Canada.
We got invaded by stink bugs a few years ago and they were taking over even ruining my peppers. Must have take a while for birds and bats to find them tasty as they are no longer a problem.
I'm infested with Japanese stilt-grass due to somebody in Japan using it as a packing material to ship to the US.
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