Keeping good thoughts for our gardening friends in the gulf coast regions

I know this sounds odd, but I had to say this anyway. I know thoughts don't help, deeds say way more, but considering how impossible it is at the moment, we should keep good thoughts for our gardening friends in the gulf coast regions right now. I am thinking about Toni down in the New Orleans area, and anyone else who is in the area of devistation.
My thoughts and donations will be with everyone of our gardening newsgroup friends who are struggling with just existance right now. I can't imagine the horrors of the fire ants that are rising now from the grounds that are soaked with flooding, the alligators, poisonious snakes,rats, filth, debris, dead animals,insane for the moment looters, no electricity. The sheer devistation.
I still haven't heard anything from my ex-daughter in law about her and my two grand daughters. I can only hope they are safe. I fear they've lost their home which was just 300 foot from the levee at Lake Ponchetraine in Destrahan. Safety means more to me than possessions. I hope they are high and dry in Texas somewhere. Now if only someone would call me and tell me they are alive and well.......(no chance)
My son's best friend is in Covington and there is no way to determine if he is alright at the moment, or even alive. So we sit here and hope for the best, but expect the worst.
Once it's determined what people can do to help, I'm going to do everything within my abilities. thanks for your time.
madgardener, up on the ridge, back in fairy holler, overlooking English Mountain in Eastern Tennessee.
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