bugs in compost

I have a compost bin made from an old trash can & have these tiny white bugs in it. There are what seems to be thousands of them. They're are very small and move very quickly, so it is hard to get a good look at them. Some appear to have a faint black stripe or spot on there back, but it is very difficult to get a good look at them. They are about as long as a credit card is wide .. maybe a little longer and the diameter of a pin. If i pick up the top layer of compost and turn it over I see many of them.
My main concern is that I have had termite problems & have lots of ants & i want to make sure this is not a nest for either.
My compost is mainly grass, leaves, pine needles and twigs. I didn't make it as hot as I normally would have, nor did I turn it as much in the past, however it is about 2 months old and almost done.
I noticed centipedes and many other bugs & wormy type things (kind of look like these borers that I found in the bottom of a tree I removed)that werent there in the past as well.
Does anyone know what these are & should I get rid of my compost and start again.
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