Anyone using ET (EvapoTranspiration) Based Sprinkler Controllers?

I'm doing some homework on replacement sprinkler controllers that can monitor the weather locally in one way or another (to reduce water consumption among other reasons).. I currently am not interested in any of the brands that monitor via a subscription service from satellites/radio/internet (~$50/year). The three I've narrowed down my interest in are as follows (all use their own hardware to determine "weather") :
1. Aqua Conserve's Controller (ET-6 or higher) 2. Weatherset's Controller - ( 3. Smartline controller by Weathermatic - (
I've found some review material (see link below) for the first two that was dated about 2 years ago and I realize that while neither review was overly great, I suspect that firmware/software upgrades may have been done since then to update their algorithms to work better. I spoke w/ Andy at the Weatherset company and he seemed helpful/knowledgeable but it's a pretty small shop from what I can tell and that controller got a bum review in the above mentioned report for keeping the lawn/garden too dry (at that time) but am willing to find out if that issue has been resolved (but haven't asked yet).
Anyway, I really like the featureset on the Smartline controller, but can't would prefer some feedback from real users of any of these items and how they perform.
So -- have any of you here used any of the above controllers?
Here the link to the review mentioned above :
Here's another review that seems to have better comments :
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