Agapanthus , Sap causing itchy rash !

I didn't realise Agapanthas is rated as a highly poisonous plant.It had been planted 20 yes ago and not pruned
It's over taken so I decided with good tips from a magazine how to prune back. No mention of being
Poisonous. I was wearing proper protection including heavy duty gauntlet gloves,
I have developed an excruciating pinful rash red spots developing into blister along I side both
Arms and legs. Three days om still hurting and weeping . Treatment hydrocortisone cream
Calamine lotion to cool . I will give gp a call because I feel completely without any backup
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According to Wikipedia, Agapanthus is only mildly allergenic. However, that does not mean some individuals might be far more sensitive than the average.
I have a bed of Agapanthus that must be over 40 years old. I cut out the stalks of faded blooms and never have a problem. On the other hand, I do avoid contact with the sap since it can be messy.
When you go to your physician, carefully take a piece of a leaf or stalk with you. Your physician might more easily prescribe relief for you with a sample or even determine that something else is the cause of your rash.
Note that a rash on one side of the body with blisters and severe pain is also a symptom of shingles. A vaccination against shingles does not guarantee you will not get it. I have had both the Zostavax and Shingrix vaccinations. Two years after the latter, I developed a very mild case of shingles: rashes with blisters on my right shoulder, right hip, and right ankle that sometimes itched but no pain. It came back again about a month or two ago with only two blisters on my right hip; it is already gone.
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David E. Ross
"David E. Ross" writes:
I saw the same thing, but a few google searched turned up claims of being extremely poisonous including to dogs and cats.
I'm not familiar with the plant, but the pretty blue appeals to me. Maybe I should stick with Delphinium.
Good thinking (as usual).
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Dan Espen
I had the same experience with the sap from the agapanthus. I cut it back on Sunday just gone and on the Monday I had a slight rash and by Tuesday it turned into a red raw itching rash . It was up my arms, chest, neck , face and scalp. Then over the period of the day it travelled to my back and down my legs . By the end of the night my tongue was swelling, I had a high temp and felt very nauseous..I seeked medical advice and was given antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream . It us day 3 on these and I feel better . The itching is still there but nowhere as intense. I have been told it takes 14/28 days to heal.
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