2 questions: HID wavelength and low-e glass

I have a variety of tropical plants that I put out in the summer and bring in during the winter (lemon, lime, mango, guava, pineapple, banana, avacado, and more) in Michigan. I have two projects under way to help improve their winter conditions, and I'd like some advice.
1. In the winter they are in front of a large, old plate glass window. I'm planning on building a permanent storm window to reduce the cold draft coming off that window. I have the option of regular and low-e glass; if I use low-e how much of an impact does that have on the wavelengths and transmission of light used for photosynthesis?
2. I may be able to get a used 400W Metal Halide/ HID fixture to hang over the plants, which I'd turn on during the day to complement what light does come throught the window (no night usage). The fixture won't come with a bulb, so what wavelength bulb is most appropriate to fruiting plants (only the lemons ever fruit, but I might as well get the best wavelength bulb anyway).
Thank you for your assistance, Keith
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