How do I add windows to my 1970's wooden garage doors?

The doors have raised panel frames with recessed panel centers, four across each section. I would like to cut out the flat section in the centers and put in plexiglass or safety glass. This would give me more daylight in the garage, while adding to my curb appeal. Is this possible, is there a way? Please tell me how to go about this project. Any help will be greatly appreciated.The doors are in great shape and I am not interested in replacing them.
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T. L Washington
Yep, just cut a hole and then frame it inside and out with molding. You'd do an interior or inside the hole on the back, which would then push the glass loosely but snugly to the outside's face molding that's been heavily caulked. If the panel's too thin to do molding inside the hole, then face mount that too and just insert spacers or shims to keep the glass from rattling.
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