How to make outdoor furniture --chairs and tables---from log sections of trees

I have lost a few (7) trees over the past few years and saved some huge log sections and trunk pieces from all the cutting down. A relative who has since passed on without giving his business to anyone else, used to refinish those sections into coffee tables or chairs and I was saving them for him or anyone else who does it. Does anyone know of any (reliable) person who does this professionally as a business anymore?
I also am concerned about the care and upkeep of the logs until I get this done as some are splitting (I have them inside garage or outdoors and either place seems to be no good for keeping them until this process is done).. Should I put wood preservative on it? Or does that ruin the process (it was a secret process he had) of refinishing those log sections into tables that sold very well long ago.
Thanks for any help/advice!
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It seems me a very handy note that guides wonderfully about how to make a outdoor furniture. It must be a very interesting idea to apply. Hope it would be a working nicely.
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