How do you stabilise an IKEA bookcase in a babys room.It is a rental property and we need to avoid holes in walls!

I don't believe you can reliably stabilize it any other way - the strap they include with the  bookcase goes at the very top and so it has the longest lever possible to prevent it from toppling. Any solution that would involve something located at the floor level would have the shortest lever and so, in order to overcome the same forces, it would have to be much stronger than the strap, perhaps only something like a massive steel bracket or something similar will do.
So, I would not worry about a single hole in the wall as much as I would about a bookcase toppling over and landing on someone. Just use the standard strap (or a metal bracket - whatever Ikea has included for the purpose) and then spackle the hole before you move out. I imagine your walls are white, as they usually are in rentals, and so finding a proper color spackling compound will be very easy when the time comes.
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There are some bookcases available in which you will have to assemble it yourself, and the stationary ones which will be fixed on your wall will need some form of installation, so that is an additional cost you should consider. 
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