How do i to fix the problem when i've overflowed the engine oil in my yardman?

Starting it up makes it go up in smoke.
It's a riding mower.
How do I drain it out since I've added too much?
Is it f'd pretty badly now that I've done that to it?
It also chokes out now due to sputter oil out a certain area on the side of the motor. I'm not engine literate so please be patient.
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In one configuration. there's a Square Socket on the bottom of the engine. Another configuration is a Square Bolt on the side, at the bottom edge of the engine. Stick a 3/8's ratchet or extension into the Square Socket and unscrew or just loosen, of course, same for the Square Bolt. You can drain a lot (change the oil) or just let a little dribble out until you're at the proper level.
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