Wish Me Luck

I have told the saga of how awful my spring / summer garden has been. (Prob ably too much too often) After I hurt my knee badly Memorial Day Weekend an d the weeds completely took over I pretty much gave up. Apparently enough t ime has passed, the knee is enough better so that I have gutted the gardens and am ready to plant for fall. I am planting more zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers. Somehow about 7 Pepper plants have survived so they are sti ll in play. Towards the end of September I will start the lettuce, onions. I have some all season cabbage already started in Pete Pots but won't put t hem in the ground until it gets cooler. I have also gutted the green house and sprayed the crap out of it with blea ch and water to get the aphids out of it. Tomato's and Peas will go in ther e for the winter. I am going with keep it simple stupid. No more coffee grounds, no more blac k cow (hey could that have had seeds in it that caused weeds I have never h ad before?) and no 10 10 10 unless things really take off and I think they need it. Same with Epsom salts. I sure hope this works, or it is going to be a long winter due to disappoin tment and an empty freezer. MJ
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