Tomato reviews

Heres a list of the tomatoes that I grew this year, how well they did and how well I liked them,
1) Sun Gold Cherry Hands down the best tomato I've ever tasted, it's practically candy. I took a selection of my small tomatoes to a BBQ today, this was everyone's favorite. Each plant is producing hundreds of tomatoes. They've been producing since the beginning of August and they are still producing. The Sun Golds are orange in color. I'll definitely plant these again.
2) Sugar Snack Cherry A very tasty tomato but not as good as the Sun Golds. These are even earlier, started producing at the end of July, and the volume of tomatoes is even greater than the Sun Golds. The sugar snacks are red, slightly bigger than the Sun Golds. I will plant them again.
3) Yellow Pear These look much better than they taste. These really look like very small bright yellow pears. The taste is bland, and the production is much less than the Sun Golds or Sugar Snacks, however they are in a different location so it might just be that they are getting less light. I'm undecided about doing these again.
4) Cherokee Purples A large tomato. They are just starting to ripen now so it's a race with the weather. If we have a couple more weeks before it gets to cold I should have a lot of them. The plants are heavy with tomatoes but they are mostly still green. The taste is decent, not exceptional.
5) Cosmonaut Volkovs I grew these from seeds. It's the same story as the Cherokee Purples, the plants are loaded with green tomatoes. It's a very pretty looking tomato, medium sized an more pink then red. The taste is decent, I think they will make excellent sauce. I'll probably do these again.
6) Black Prince Also grown from seed. These really are red and black which is a little disturbing because the blackish parts look like they are rotten, but it's just the way the tomato is. Mostly still green like my other large tomatoes. I don't think I'll do these next year.
What were the hits and misses for everyone else this year?
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