silent spring and other random thoughts

i'm deeply thankful for the environmental movement in the USoA which has helped keep this country from being another China. i wonder if China will recover in time to be a resevoir of helpful species after we've done in things here? as i go through the stores i see so many packages of chemicals and pesticides i'm not sure the trend is good...
_Silent Spring_ was a part of getting that going and it is still a good read after many years, but it sure does show how much research has progressed on cancer since then. i'm glad however, that i can sit here and write with my patio door open and hearing the birds wandering about punctuated by the sound of the bees thunking into the screen.
most telling is the sections on the various plagues/infestations that have been attempted to be cured by chemical means and how dismal a failure it ends up being at a large expense and often the creature/disease comes back even stronger.
here we are using ?lbs of chemicals in the area because of mosquito control. *sigh* well it is mostly swamp, what do you expect from a wetland? sterility?
i also have wandered through a book called _Organic Plant Protection_ by Rodale press. copyright is 1976 -- i think i need to find something more recent. it was helpful, but i'm sure more has been learned since then.
next in line _let it rot_ and a book on organic grape growing. we'll see what they have to say.
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