Saved HL seeds - not sprouting

Total newbie at seed saving, but what is there to know..? I had one melon plant, produced one melon that I couldn't wait any longer on (held back for 3 weeks) so I hacked it off the vine, and it turns out to be if not ripe then nearly so. Fruit was sweet and full of seeds, but no central cavity like you see in storebought canteloupe. Fruit was packed. So OK, I scoop out the seeds, let them air dry thinking I just got 10x the seed I started with.
No other melon crops so 99% sure no crosses, and neighbors are 1/4 mile away.
So after air drying I can't wait to check on things and take a paper towel, wet it good and pop a handful (5-6) seeds in there, put in a baggie and leave on the counter for a week. No sprouts.. so do I assume this batch of seeds is not mature enough, or do I need to give them more time, what..? Didn't really want to try the seeds in a pot but I suppose that's the next step before I toss the seeds as no good.
I can't see where I would have gone wrong with this, any ideas..?
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