My name is Victoria, and I'm a plant-a-holic

I bought 8 more plants yesterday, and 3 more seed packets. Plants were 2 currants, 1 serviceberry/saskatoon, 1 Cherokee purple tomato, 1 lady's mantle(these 5 I bought at library plant sale, they were $2 for all of them, all of course looked to be only a couple weeks old, but that's fine with me), and then at Bi-Mart I bought a habanero pepper, yellow pear tomato, and the other tomato had 2 name tags in it(cherry tomato or Santiam), but I think Santiam was the correct one, baby 'maters on it were already cherry tomato size and I don't think they were done growing. Seed packets were scarlet runner bean, arugula, and Japanese long purple eggplant. Right now in my room I have 3 stevia plants, dwarf banana tree, habanero pepper, cayenne pepper, cherry tomato, jasmine, malabar spinach starts, spider plant, coffee plant, yellow bell pepper, and peat pot tray of chocolate cherry tomato and sweet chocolate bell pepper starts. Oh and lemon grass and stevia starter trays(plus one with majoram, ground cherries, and parsley) that haven't sprouted yet....will I ever get my room back? Or is my hair going to start turning green?
Author's note: It's too has not kicked in yet. Do I know you?
Victoria, zone 5a
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