Frost last night in North Shirley, Long Island.

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October 2 here (PA's Northern Tier). Last night too.
That's early for Long Island, though, I think? Disappointing!
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On Mon, 06 Oct 2003 14:16:29 GMT, Jerry Minasi wrote in rec.gardens.edible:
Ice in the bird bath near Ottawa, Ca.
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Jim Carter
Had hard, killing freeze last Thursday (10/1) in Central IL. Sigh. Now it's 80 degrees...
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We had -5 C for a few days in the first week of September, but it's been +10-+15 since. Lovely long fall, pity about the pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes and so on.
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Henriette Kress
Not really...
Frost dates in North Shirley, (East Yaphank), Long Island, NY N40D 50' 53" W072D 51' 59"
10/6/1984 10/10/85 10/5/88 10/20/90 10/21/91 10/6/93 10/12/94 10/18/95 10/12/96 10/23/97 10/7/98 10/9/01 10/15/02 10/6/03 You Know what to remove below.
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Jerry Minasi
In our last fun filled episode, Mon, 06 Oct 2003 14:16:29 GMT, Jerry Minasi proclaimed:
Neener, Neener, neener! says she who's first frost isn't usually until close to Thanksgiving.
Kinda makes up for the blistering heat of July and August 'round here.
She who is from South Carolina and overwhelmed with peppers right now.
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