Flying Dragons

I finally got my hads on three one metre high Flying Dragon citrus dwarfing rootstock plants today! I've been trying to get hold of some for ages but the nurseries who have it usually guard it jealously.
I have a couple of orange trees and a Meyer lemon that are in ~100 litre pots. (As well as some dwarf peach and nectarines that I grafted myself) I rent so want to be able to take most of my orchard with me if I have to move house. Now I can graft some buds of my own citrus trees onto dwarf rootstock so I'm no longer fighting the trees natural desire to keep getting bigger. I chose to graft them myself as, not only ids it a hobby of mine but it provides continuity. It's like I still have the original trees.
I got fifty sweet seedless oranges off the best tree last year, better oranges than you can buy (ask the neighbourhood kids who were fortunate enough to be given one each!). However this year, as I've had to prune it a lot so it wasn't so top heavy (it fell over in high winds a couple of times) it's only setting about 20 fruits. I'm hoping it'll stay small on dwarfig rootstock so I'm not constantly cutting off the new growth where most of the fruits form.
Cheers from NZ.

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