First Frost

Our first frost is predicted for tonight. And yes, I know how
nice it is to be able to say that in mid-November.
want more time, want more peppers.
And, and, and...the tomatoes are making a come back!
I shall stand in the yard and spit fiery curses into the face
of Jack Frost until he creeps away in terror!
Or, you know, at least, until the neighbors call the police.
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Our first one was last night here in the South Carolina midlands (Orangeburg). This morning, I grieved for my tomato plants, peppers, lima beans, my eggplants and my gourd vines. Even after covering everything with sheets of plastic and putting hay around them, they looked like they'd been left in Siberia overnight. But... then I went to visit my garlic and my mustard, the chinese cabbage and collards. Then I was happy again.
Now where are the seed catalogs for next spring? :)
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Casey Stevens

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