Fertilizer question

I have 3 Raised beds. 1 with beetroots and carrots, 1 with lettuce and
other salad leaves (mizuna, corn salad, rocket, oriental mustards) and 1
with corn and french beans.
I poured in loads of topsoil (40%) compost (60%) mix back in February.
My garden is now going great guns. However, I am not sure if I need to
add any fertilizer to any of it at any point, and if so?what?
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What kind of compost? Normally, you should have 5 - 10% organic material in the soil as the soil organisms will tie up nitrogen in breaking down the carbon rich organic material, BUT since it doesn't seem to be a problem for you, leave it alone. If you used composted manure, you may need to add more organic material EVENTUALLY, but not until you have reason to.
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The corn might be happier if given a side dressing of fertilizer (balanced, or possibly heaviest on the N), just before the tassels appear, or certainly before they shoot up. My personal preference is for organic fertilizers.
I normally don't add fertilizer to anything other than corn during the growing season.
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