Simulating a sprung dance floor

I am in the process of building a dance floor. Conditions are far from ideal (non-level concrete floor in a draughty garage without much headroom), but I am going ahead anyway :) It's just going to be for personal use, not commercial.
So I want a sprung floor, but I don't have much height available, so I am looking for an alternative. I have some knee injuries, so it is quite important to me.
I have looked at some interesting anti-vibration products and I am currently thinking about Belleville washers (a type of spring), but I feel really out of my depth and I am not sure how to work out what load/deflection I want for this application is!
Any suggestions on how to make the floor feel sprung, without using too much height would be appreciated! I have included the basic details of my plan below FYI.
Wooden Floor (Oak, Tongue & Groove, 18.9mm thick) 8mm plywood this way 8mm plywood that way ?? Something to make it sprung * ?? ?? Leveling ** ?? Moisture Sealing layer Concrete Floor
Total Area: 31 Square Metres
Total Height between my head and the lowest part of the ceiling is about 110mm...
* A grid of structures to provide the springiness. Possibly at every 500mm? Not sure how stiff the oak + plywood will be
** It's too expensive to level the concrete. I might level the supports individually if it works out that way, or use wedges of wood to level etc.
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