Water pressure in a swimming pool question

Just for the heck of it, I want to build a swimming pool above ground.
The idea is to make the walls out of glass so people can see the swimmers
while on ground level.
Let's say the size is 20feet wide and 50 feet long.
With a maximum depth of 15 feet.
1) how many gallons of water will it hold? Not worrying about a sloped
2) how thick would the glass have to be to contain it all?
3) would glass "brick" work?
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well I have kind of answered my own question. There are 7.48 gallons of water per cubic foot, So there would be a total of 112,200 gallons of water in my pool. As for thickness of the glass, I realized, it doesn't matter all that much. As popular above ground pools are generally made of very thin plastic walls all the time. But for some safety reasons, I think the glass would have to be around an inch thick at the least.
I've seen some photos of glass pools now and see where the walls are about that, and some less.
One interesting building design in Mumbai India, includes balconies that are actually swimming pools.
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