Small contractors nightmare

I was on a project yesterday. A brand new town home 4 story unit. In the room next to me was a guy fastening some sort of metal grids to the wall. These were used as a fastener rail/template for Z-brick. Looked like he was using fairly long roofing nails.
This was on the fourth floor.
The owner was just as proud as could be with her new home. Running around taking pictures while workmen were putting finishing touches on the unit. She's planning to move in this week.
I was outside when it happened. The guy doing the brick hit a fire sprinkler pipe. The fire alarm went off water spewing everywhere.
I thought nothing about the alarm seeing them go off all the time. The fire trucks arrived, & by the time they got the water shut off, maybe 15 minutes had elapsed.
I walked in to see water pouring out of the ceiling fixtures on the first level. 2nd floor about an inch of water. 3rd floor two inches of water, swirling around finding heat registers, anywhere to flow down. Fourth floor, they had hacked a hole in the wall & there was the exposed pipe. the guy asked the fireman "why is it still coming, I thought it was shut off"? Fireman replied "its off but still water in the pipe it will quit when it reaches this level."
I didn't get a good look at what pipe was used- (I grabbed my tools & left) Sadly this apparently passed code. It could have been just as easily been a homeowner hanging a heavy picture.
Almost totally destroyed this place I don't know whether I felt sorrier for the brick guy or the homeowner. I sure hope he had his insurance paid up.
For you homeowners out there- this kind of damage is usually optional coverage, Consider it!
And if you are a small contractor without insurance GET IT!
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