Anyone use PetersenDean Roofing

Am in the sf bay area and had Petersen Dean give me a proposal on my roof. I am considering using them
Looking for comments and feedback about the company and their work.
I read a few bad things about them on bay area consumers web site but that was from about 12 years ago.
Below is what I found; both posts are from the same person:
On May 24th I contracted with PETERSEN-DEAN, a roofer in Fremont,
California, to install a new roof.
They began June 3rd and boasted that they would have this job done by
Wednesday (JUNE 5!). Last Tuesday (yes, Sep 17!) they thought they were
Finished and scheduled a final city (Cupertino, CA) inspection AND
I have been observing their work closely and it is DISGRACEFUL. For
Instance; they removed the existing water diverter strip (a 2-piece
Sheet metal strip that diverts the down flow to an area of roof that has
Gutters) and it leaks (they did not caulk the seam - you know, really
Advanced stuff!) After telling them about it they ignored it and
Scheduled the inspection anyway!
The product is an artificial shake named Fire Free and they now claim
That they cannot properly install it BECAUSE IT IS TOO HARD (as in not
Soft)! (Excuse me, did you not sign a contract to install this
I write this for comic relief. It is depressingly serious stuff to me
But it is so bad that I thought you would enjoy the absurdity of this
Roofer and, if you live nearby, you can chalk off one of your choices.
Another post from the same person
It is now 1 week since this roofer -Petersen-Dean of Fremont CA - failed
The city (Cupertino, CA) inspection and I have heard nothing from this
Recall from a previous posting:
(1) Contract signed May 20, 1996 (to reroof my home with cement
Shakes -Fire Free).
(2) Job started: June 3, 1996.
(3) Estimated completion date: June 6, 1996.
(4) Actual completion date: pending (infinity?)
(5) Final inspection: Sep 17, 1996 and FAILED!
Yes, you are reading it correctly; 3+ months and could not pass
You know, I actually bragged about having found what I thought was a
Responsible, quality roofer, only to end up the object of good-natured
Ridicule from our friends: "Please give us the name of your roofer so
We can be sure NOT to use him!"
The quality of the work is so bad that I even fear the required repairs!
Any of you had this type experience?
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