Hpt18-60 Janitrol to Rth111/RTH221

I'm Trying to change a Janitrol Hp18- 60 Thermostat to a Honeywell RTH111/RTH221 The Janitrol has Y,G,R,o,w2,E, and C Wires Connected. The Honeywel has terminals for Y,G R (Rh) ,Rc, and W . Which wires do I connect to the new terminals.
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You can't. the janitrol thermostat is a heat pump thermostat. The honeywell you have is not a heatpump thermostat. The O terminal is for the reversing valve, w2 is 1st stage heat, E is emergency heat, C is common, R is 24 volts, Y is the compressor and G is the fan.
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