Tell your neighbor it stinks

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1). "BioR (tm)" stops drain pipe odors from showers, sinks, toilets, septic tank; ( dry, auto-dissolve, 2 ounce packets, $19.95)
2.) "SWEETFILTER(tm)" stops outside odors and keep them from being pulled inside by windows, air conditioners, fireplaces, furnaces, vent fans, attic fans; (refillable plastic canisters of Z-charcoal, $37.50)
Every city, town, and village has odor ordinances or treat obnoxious odors, perceptible beyond property lines, as fineable public nuisances. Every house in the US has at least one and most have several "stink pipes" on the roof, as a designed part of the plumbing system.
Recent trends in home building over the last 10 years have lead to increased branch plumbing which has decreased building costs but increased odor production from "stink pipes".
Sweetfilters are charcoal filters that eliminate "stink pipe" odors overnight for up to 5 years. They are inexpensive and easy to install on old or new existing vent pipes and you could be selling them online today. No cost to you affiliate sales program. Simply join and send us an email
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<html><center><br><i><a href=" "><img src=" "></a><br> <br> 1520 N. 6th Street<br>Springfield, IL. 62702<br><br>tel: 888-261-4726 fax: 866-422-0018<br><br><a href=" "><H3> AMAZON.COM/SWEETFILTER <br>AFFILIATE PROGRAM<BR> JOIN FREE <br> MAKE 8.5% PER SALE
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