Hot Socks

made some hot I know that you all want the story so here it is-
''first you discover that the rice you forgot that you had and had since when is now stale-- but being Scottish you can not just toss it out but being a good wife you cannot feed it to papa so then you have to put your self into a Meme mind---remember how the kids are always wanting your rice bag just after you heat up for yourself---so you hunt up those socks which were suppose to fit that you bought on sale at Wal- mart-- but forgot to take back and you fill them with the stale rice after you anoint it with essence of violets and roses- there: rice is happy- socks are happy and kids are happy---you make an extra one and put in a baggie and stick it in the freezer for bumps-- if you do this just tie a knot in the end of the sock and heat in microwave for a minute and kids have a comfy for their cold feet- or what ever area is annoying them- watch the heat for kids as they cannot tolerate the same as us oldies can.......
heating time depends on your microwave and how much rice you use--I used 2 large cups= you can use more and make on for your neck--
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