Going Green WITHOUT the hassle

Want to work from home w/o the hassle of monthly commitments, deliveries, inventory, or spending hours on the phone? Want something that doesn't involve long boring surveys? Want something with amazing customer service and support? How about something that helps create a safer environment for your family and your Earth?
Join Shaklee today. Registered with the BBB and DSA, Shaklee has been improving lives for over 50 years What you will need: - either a computer OR phone. You don't need both. -mailbox....to receive special offers for those who don't have a computer -your mouth...to promote these amazing products.
What you will NOT have to do: -make all kinds of phone calls setting up appointments for people to listen to a presentation and use up their phone minutes. -Parties are totally up to you...you don't have to have them So, you want to know exactly what do I do? First off, I am a mom 24/7 to a 16 month old, a 3 year old dog, and a wife of almost 4 years.
I educate parents on how to create a safer, healthier environment for their family and how to create a successful career from home.
I develop friendships with other moms and anyone else wanting to work from home.
I promote, use, and sell the safest products for your home, your health, and your skin...and I get paid for it.
I chat on line with interested people as well as my up line, and my downline...I hardly EVER use my phone.
I purchase WHAT I want WHEN I want
I don't have to worry about inventory, deliveries, or negative press.
I spend about 1-2 hours a day on my business, and the rest of the day is devoted to Christ, my son, my husband, my dog, and my home.
I work with an awesome company called Shaklee that has the best products, team and support ever!!!
And, I never leave my home...unless I want to
Want to know more??http://www.shaklee.net/awcleanbiz Or send me an IM on Yahoo....Hisservent20002000 or on Google, MSN and AIM....Hisservent5700 Be healthy as well as wealthy!
Support Earth Day by having 10 trees planted when you purchase Shaklee's Get Clean Starter Kit Amy West Independent Shaklee Distributor
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