While working in childcare for 5 years, I know that Bleach is the number one sanitizing solution that is used. I remember having a parent concerned with that. They did not want their child's toys, cups, etc. being submerged or touching Bleach. But I told them that is was our policy given by the Health Department.
Since November I joined up with a company called Shaklee. You may have heard of it. Our products have been mentioned on Oprah 4 times last year and once so far this year. Oprah raves about our Special Edition Get Clean kit, which includes all natural, non-toxic cleaners that are safe for your home and your children. They are also super concentrated, so they go a long way. I chose to work with this company because I have bad allergies and asthma and learned that the rise of asthma in children that doubled in the last 10 years was because of household cleaners. I hated cleaning because the fumes really irritated my sinuses and my asthma. And being in a child care center, we were always cleaning. I was always sneezing. Once I tried Shaklee's Get Clean products, I had no problems and they really work.
After reading about our Basic G and looking into the Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers, I found that child care centers could even use this product. Basic G stays effective for up to 3 days, whereas, Bleach is only effective for up to an hour. Basic G has a shelf life of 3 years while bleach has one of only 1 year. Basic G disinfects, cleans and deodorizes and is also super concentrated. It is EPA registered. To see what it is effective on http:// www.sha k pws/libr ary/prod ucts/Bas icGPatho gen.pdf
Basic-G on Oprah Winfrey Show In October 1996 an Oprah Winfrey Show aired entitled "Does Your Child go to a Sick School? The guests and discussions centered around school students who had become extremely ill due to indoor pollution and toxins at their schools. A conclusion was made that the schools are trying to keep things clean with the chemicals they use, while this is the very thing that is making them sick. On the show, Dr. Doris Rapp recommends using Shaklee's Basic-G.
How often do you make bleach bottles? In the child care center, we had to make fresh bleach/water bottles EVERY DAY!!!
1 bottle of basic G makes 256 bottles of 32 oz ready just use until the bottle is empty. No need to make fresh ones every day.
1 bottle of basic G makes 64 gallons which makes 8192 ounces
1 bottle of basic G is $19.95 retail, comes out to $0.08 per 32 oz mix
3/4 of a teaspoon in a 32 oz bottle
So if you are looking for a geat disinfectant in your home...maybe you watch a few kids along with yours. Why waste unused water/bleach solution when you can use this bottle mixed...until it is empty? And the best part is it has no strong fumes. Just a little smell, and for an asthmatic, it's no harm to you either.
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