9-11 Remembered

9-11 Remembered
Two years ago, the attacks on America shook the world. Not a single American will forget the day four commercial airliners were hijacked and three of them were hurled against innocent and unsuspecting targets killing thousands. Two of the aircraft struck the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center. Another struck the Pentagon and the forth tumbled to earth in a desolate field in Pennsylvania.
The immensity of the tragedy is still unfathomable. The lives, hopes and dreams of the survivors were indelibly touched forever.
Just nine months after the attack, a full six months ahead of schedule, the clean up at the World Trade Center was completed. The heroic feat epitomized our nation's determination, strength and courage.
At ground zero:
a.. 2929 confirmed dead b.. 1,642,698 tons of debris was removed (over 200,000 tons of it, steel). c.. The debris was removed in 108,444 individual truckloads and filled several landfills. d.. More than 3.1 million hours of labor was expended. e.. More than 55,000 workers from 26 different countries and 450 businesses were permanently displaced.
On September 11, let us remember the victims. The day will fill us with sorrow and regret. But also let us remember our strength. America is like no other nation in the history of mankind. It is the pillar of freedom and democracy and no terrorist shall ever destroy it.
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