Ceiling paint bubbling over first coat

Bought the 2 gallon glidden ceiling latex paint. When applying the second coat it is bubbling and wont stick? Now I have a mess. What is glidden going to do for me on this matter? Purchased at Home Depot Sunday 1/27/2013
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Glidden won't be doing anything beyond responding with whatever advice they can over the phone or email. Sorry to say, but it sounds like it may be operator error and that's what Glidden will say. - FYI, Behr Ultra Premium Awesome Stupendous or whatever they call it now is vastly superior to any and all of the old and now completely defunct GARBAGE name brands. I've only braved trials with the best of Glidden, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and M.A.B and they were still ALL worthless wastes of money, time and effort. - Scrape the bottom and sides of the paint can/bucket with your stirrer into the rest of the paint until everything is a completely smooth liquid, a drill attached stirrer/mixer would be best. You'll have to strip or sand the paint off and even preferably down to fresh wall and still have to clean and prime before re-painting. - Old and especially oxidized lead paint will have the effect you've experienced and also trying to paint over high-gloss paint. But, those situations make themselves known with all sorts of streaking and sliding with the beginning of the first coat.
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