Residential Industrial Toilets?

Hi, I was curious if these (preferred) toilets can be installed in a
residence (and how they flush without a tank). Perhaps they cannot,
depending on location codes, but if so, my question would then be, why
not? Do they use too much water?
The toilets I'm referring to look like these and are both in
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Again, if you got the coin you can have what you want. But my question would be, why do you want a *commercial* toilet?
Is it because of the form? Or the function? If its the look you want, you can get a residential toilet that has the detached tank which you can install in the attic and run the pipe down through the wall and exit just above the base. If its the function that you are attracted to, the no-name toilet I installed in our master bath 2 years ago may fulfill that need.
It sounds like a Airbus A-300when you flush and will tame the most onerous of log jams. It has yet to disappoint me. An added benefit is that the more powerful the flush the less stuff accumulates throughout the entire bowl area. It won't eliminate cleaning but will lessen the degree.
The toilet itself is attractive, having that small raised edge on the sides and rear of the tank and a fluted design on the column of the base it lends itself to a traditional feel.
And now for the best part it came all in one box for $100. The only extra that is needed for installation is the wax seal, the water source connection and the seat of your choice. The wax seal with rubber collar will cost $5, the water connection depends but I spent about $10., and we went with a painted white wooden seat with chrome hardware and I also bought a Kohler Fairfax toilet handle in chrome and white to match the other components in our bathroom.
Its rare these days for me to commend or recommend a product as there are mostly disappointments in today's marketplace but I can highly recommend this toilet, as long as you like white for it doesn't come in other colors that I am aware of.
Don't ask for the name for at the time I googled it but came up with nothing on the web. It is of Mexican origin though and was purchased at Lowe's. It must be like the Harbor Breeze series of fans and lights that are only available at Lowes.
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s if these (preferred) toilets can be installed in a
There is a real nice walnut about 60' tall about 10' south of my workshop that receives heavy daily irrigation. It thanks me in the summer by pelting my tin roof with bazillions of walnuts. In the winter it gets yellow snow.
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rious if these (preferred) toilets can be installed in a
These are fair points to raise from an ergonomic/design standpoint naturally. I'm a pretty slim 5'8" and even I sometimes wish the toilet seat/bowl was larger and/or further back. Call it an idiosyncrasy, but I dislike seats that have the back of my backside resting on the back of the rim. I like a gap back there. And it seems that "industrial" toilets have all the qualities listed; longer/bigger bowl (therefore toilet seat), log-jam power (if there're jams, btw, I have to wonder if there's such a thing as eating too much fibre-- unless you want to use your own as a binder-ingredient for a natural cob home); clean no- nonsense tanklessness; the cool factor; and maybe ease of maintenance/ repair too. Did I forget anything?
Being Valentines Day, maybe there's a toilet for two. Nothing says closeness like logging off together. ;D
A quick netted these:
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Are they edible? How about a home-made walnut pie or maple walnut ice cream?
Thanks for the links.
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