Re: Recycling

I saw a discovery channel show the other day on recycling. Doing recycling needs a serious amount of workers if they need to sort the stuff. It's possible your city or country or whatever either doesn't have the budget for it or doesn't have enough population to get enough workers to do it. We were amazed at how many people they needed to sort through the stuff. Pretty much none of it was automated or done by machines. Everything you mentioned has to be either sorted separately or thrown out (like the caps and or color vs clear glass) each of which costs the money of a laborer. How big was this recycling place anyways?
The other thing is, they might not have a market for the recycled waste or to ship it to places where it is needed would cost more than it is worth.
Here I am pretty sure the recycling gets taken by the city, and we only got a pamphlet for green waste. Everything else recyclable goes into a blue bin, and they take it, without checking that I have sorted properly.
I think you have to take into account that you live in the boonies these days Don :).

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