Re: Building Code Rant

It's incredible to see Don rant about something he either hasn't read (most likely) or can't comprehend.
Emergency escape and rescue openings aren't required. There are several alternatives available to any competent designer. One is to provide a choice of two independent means of egress from the room exit. A second is to simply provide automatic sprinklers. It ain't rocket science. And as for Don's rant about designing to minimums, the windows that he is compelled to put in are the minimum. Sprinklers and multiple egress routes far exceed what he is forced to do.
As for where domestic fires originate, a plurality start in the kitchen. However, most fatalities are in sleeping areas - with the highest single cause smoking and the highest frequency between midnight and daybreak. You can link to the 13th edition of "Fire in the United States" at .
Obviously, Don, from his vantage point in the swamp doesn't need to be bothered with any actual research. After all, his big concern is "ugly houses." Though it's hard to imagine a competent designer being bothered by window size - or not accounting for it at the earliest stages of design.
As for eliminating building codes, that would be great if all buildings were designed by well trained professionals.
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