Should i get extended warranty on my 8 year old fridge?

Hi Deb,
I think this question would have already been controversial enough if you were asking about an extended warranty on a brand new fridge. At 8 years old, my own humble opinion is that it would be a waste of money. My own extended warranty experiences is unremarkable - I bought it several times on various items, never had to use them. But the bulk of other people experiences (see the links below on this page, elsewhere on the site and all over the Internet) range from "waste of money" to "unnecessary aggravation". I have yet to see a single positive example of a person having to actually use an extended warranty and being happy with it.
I think a more prudent thing to do would be to simply locate an appliance service in the vicinity that you can call and pay for the repair should you ever need one. Don't pay them anything (in case they offer extended warranties themselves), just have their phone number handy for just in case. Chances are you may end up getting a new fridge before you ever needed to repair this one.
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