My Inglis fridge ICT86000 won't shut off. I've replaced the fan in the freezer section and the defrost thermostat.

I've also replaced the cold control and defrost timer and it still keeps running. I've also cleaned the coils (front and back) as much as is possible. Any other possibilities?
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It  would seem to me that the temperature sensor is a more likely culprit. When you replaced the cold control, did you route the temperature bulb (the little silvery blob at the end of the thin tube attached to the control) to the exact spot where the original one was?
I'm still trying to lookup an Inglis ICT86000 but nothing comes up. What Whirlpool cross reference model number did you use when ordering replacement parts?
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The temperature bulb was about a centimeter off, so I rerouted it to the exact spot and it still blows cold.  Can you explain how the air damper works where this temperature bulb is snapped around?  How does it sense the temperature if the air from the freezer, blowing into the fridge, is quite a ways away from this bulb. 
As far as the part number goes, I simply gave the parts guy the model number and he was able to find it.  He wondered if the insulation between the freezer and fridge has broken down by possibly getting moisture in it and so is trying to treat the fridge as a freezer as well.
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