Auto Clean feature broke the glass top of the range

Personally, I hate the super-heat "auto clean" feature - in my experience it was never really all that successful in completely cleaning the oven and if I had to scrub it anyway, why bother (and waste a ton of electricity in the process - mine is electric).
However, I would have to think that the oven would be properly insulated from the range and the top glass would have been much cooler that the inferno in the oven.  I guess it is possible that the range top was not installed properly and might have gotten broken due to thermal expansion of the oven's structural parts. But, again, for that to be an issue the oven would have to be really poorly insulated, and the glass of the range would most likely have to be skewed in its place, perhaps even visibly not even with the sides/front of the oven.
Just curious: was there anything placed on the range while the auto-clean was on?
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I used the auto clean feature on the top oven Friday night. It got super hot and ran for 3 1/2 hrs.
The process made the whole first floor smell HOT. Anyway. Saturday afternoon I noticed the glass range top had broken. Could it be due to the auto clean process and the extreme heat?
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