Outlets in upstairs bedroom don't work

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Outlets in upstairs bedroom don't work. Want to find what breaker belongs to the outlets,I think the breaker is bad

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The breaker might have just tripped, does not have to be "bad" to disconnect the circuit. They do make circuit tracers but those only work over  a live circuit, so you would need to use it to identify breakers before they actually trip. You can often times just see which breaker has tripped by looking at its handle - its angle will be slightly off compared to the other ones. Flip the handle back and forth once, it should go in ON position.

Otherwise, the method of elimination may work: shut down a breaker, write down which lights or outlets went dead. Eventually you will hit the one that controls the outlets in the bedroom. 

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Three outlets don't work,one outlet works in upstairs bedroom.the three outlets did work some time ago.i used a tester on each individual breaker and they all had power so why do the three outlets not work

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