i have a xe1200, model ttx024c100a2. is this a heat pump or just ac?

Trane XE1200 model numbers nomenclature goes like this:
<strong>Characters 1,2,3:</strong> <i>Product Types</i> Split Cooling: TT* (TTA, TTB, TTN, TTP, TTR, TTX, TTY, TTZ) Split Heat Pump: TW* (TWA, TWN, TWR, TWY, TWP, TWX,TWZ) Package Cooling: TC* (TCC, TCH, TCD, TCX, TCM, TCY) Package Heat Pump: WC* (WCM, WCX, WCY, DCX, DCY, WCZ) Air Handler: TW* (TWV, TWH, TWB, TWE) Gas/Electric Furnace: YC* (YCC, YCD, YCH, YCX, YCY, YCZ) Coil: TX* (TXA, TXC, TXE, TXF, CCB, CUB)
<strong>Character 4:</strong> <i>Split System Coupling (for 1-5 Tons)</i> Brazed: 0
<strong>Characters 5,6:</strong>
<i>Primary Capacity</i> Example: 024=24MBTUH=2Ton
<strong>Character 7:</strong>
<i>Major Design Modification</i>
<strong>Character 8:</strong>
<i>Power Supply and Fuel</i> Electric: 1
<strong>Characters 9,10:</strong>
<i>Secondary Functions (if applicable)</i>
Gas/Electric - Gas Heating Furnaces - Cooling Airflow
<strong>Characters 11,12:</strong>
<i>Minor Design Modifications</i>
<strong>So your TTX024C100A2 is therefore an A/C (not a heat pump) with 2 ton capacity.</strong>
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