Emerson Quiet Kool a/c unit (1980's) plastic faceplate removal?

I bought an old house several years ago in which the previous owner installed a sleeve mounted Emerson QK a/c unit (with the energy saving switch) sometime after 1980. While there are no markings for a model number on the brown plastic faceplate, I remember my parents owning similar looking units (as window units) in the same era. It appears to be about a 5000-8000 btu unit. However, after 30 years of chugging along, the chassis tray and drainage hole has become clogged with debris/dirt/rust and needs to be cleaned out. Since it is through-the-wall (on a third floor), my only option is to remove the plastic faceplate and slide the chassis out to clean the tray. Any ideas on how to remove the front faceplate without breaking it? The air filter (on the front) pulls up, rather than from the side, and an owners manual scan doesnt seem to exist on the web.
Many thanks to all you knowledgable DIYers who remember this type of a/c unit.
Larry P. in CT
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Larry P. in CT

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